SA Fitness League - 23 May to 27 Jun


The SAFL looks to provide an opportunity for CrossFit boxes to compete on a local, regional and national level. We strive to forge stronger relationships amongst boxes, not only in your immediate location but throughout South Africa and in so doing build the community as a whole. We also see this platform providing athletes with a testing ground to develop their skills in competition. We are looking at getting 16 sections started throughout South Africa with more sections located in regions with greater box density (ie: JHB & PTA will likely have the lions share of sections as there are far more CrossFit boxes located in those areas) but these sections will be dependent on box participation and could be subject to change.

The League will culminate with a weekend tournament held at a central location (TBC) to determine a league victor. Looking forward we plan to link the 2016 SAFL Final weekend with Arnold Classic hosted in Johannesburg later that year but more info on that will come throughout the season.

The 2015 SAFL season will begin with a 5 week long sectional competition beginning Saturday the 23rd May and running through till the Saturday 27th June. The box will field or “dress” any 8 members of the box (3 male athletes, 3 female athletes, a coach and a judge) every weekend. The team you select for competition does not need to remain the same through the 5 week period so long as all team members are chosen from your rostered Athletes. No ‘ringers’ will be allowed and/or tolerated, each box will be allowed a roster of 12 athletes, a judge and a coach. Each week boxes will either travel to or host another box, totaling 5 matches (3/2 home and 3/2 away). We will endeavor to ensure that traveling remains as local as possible as boxes will compete in their respective sections.

Each week the match will consist of 5 races, (the total time of the match will not exceed 90mins). The races can range from 3 – 30 mins. Depending on the format of the match any number of athletes can be called from all 6 to only 2. We have attached an example of one of the matches we used last year at the KZNFL with its format for you to have a look at.

At the end of each weekend each team will be scored and the score will be logged both sectionally and nationally. Only your boxes sectional score will count to getting you to the final stages.

At the end of the 5 week qualifier the leader from each section will be invited to a centrally located arena where for a weekend the top teams from each section will battle it out for the prize and the title of league champions.

The final will be held on the 18th and 19th of July, location TBC. The format of the final will resemble a knock out tournament where on day one teams will go head to head, winners advance through to the Quarter Finals. The winners of the quarters will advance to the semi finals which will be held on the second day, and the winners of the semi finals will advance to the final event which will also be held on the second day. For the final stages you will be allowed a team roster of up to 12 athletes, of which 8 will dress per match, a judge and a coach. They may play consecutive matches, but once you have fielded the athletes for a match, no substitutions will be allowed until the next match.

The SAFL is an opportunity for coaches to test their ability to read matches and make decisions on the fly as much as it is an opportunity for athletes and judges to practice their skills. Your team will need to field a judge each week but will also have to field a coach to speak for and make calls for the team.

We are looking forward to putting together a great tournament for the community and seeing your boxes progress over the season.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Integrated Fitness team.

Andy Craig

076 706 9866

Dean Ridgway

072 605 3918
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Conference A

Race 1
Race 1 Conf A

Race 2
Race 2 Conf A

Conference B

Race 1
Race 1 Conf B

Race 2
Race 2 Conf B

Conference C

Race 1
Race 1 Conf C

Race 2
Race 2 Conf C

Conference D

Race 1
Race 1 Conf D

Race 2
Race 2 Conf D

Conference E

Race 1
Race 1 Conf E

Race 2
Race 2 Conf E

Conference F

Race 1
Race 1 Conf E

Race 2
Race 2 Conf F