The Beast Sprint Challenge 1 - 05 May

What is The Beast Sprint Challenge?

Are you looking at trying the Beast Obstacle Course but want a shorter, faster distance where you can test your fitness... Then the Beast Sprint Challenge is for you. The course is made up of various obstacles in a short 1.2km distance with three rounds to compete.

The teams of three will be made up of 2 male and 1 female athlete or 2 women and 1 male athlete.

How does the Beast Sprint Challenge work?

Team Sprint, 3 people in a team and 1 must be of the opposite gender (male or female). You will have open practice where you can practice all rounds except the final which will have a surprise obstacle.

You then have one Qualifier round which will be the shortest distance of the day. All members will do 1 lap doing all Elements, Carries (Functional Fitness will fall into the carries), Grip and Run as a relay (no team lap in the qualifier). If you didn't make the cut for the Knockout Rounds, you have a Last Chance Qualifier where it will be all or nothing to make top 8 for Semi Finals!

Semi Finals: Will be 1 team member at a time doing 1 Element as a relay format tagging the next Athlete on course, but now there will be a team lap after everyone completes the individual lap, they will ONLY run the lap not doing any Elements on course. The team can break down the Elements on the individual lap however they want; example: Start with Carries, Grip, Run or Start with the run, Carries, Grip. Athletes will stand at the start waiting for the Athlete on course to finish their Element lap before being tagged on course (Runners will run the course without doing obstacles). Teams will be going head to head, 4 teams on course only 2 move on. All athletes have to cross the finish line before time is stopped for the team!

Final: 4 Teams, all team members start at the same time, however each team member only doing the elements assigned to them and then the team obstacle. (All athletes have to cross the finish line before time is stopped for the team!)

Rest of the information will be released on the day.

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More Information

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2 Men and 1 Female

2 Women and 1 Male