Wodstock Zimbabwe 2017 - 14 Jul to 16 Jul


Wodstock is back for 2017, Zimbabwe's premier team series event, hosted by Crossfit Kyma and Fullspeed Crossfit. The format of the event follows a progressive programming model, meaning movements and events are programmed to be inclusive of all of the abilities, leading into progressively harder events late in the weekend. Masters and Teens are not gendered specific, meaning you can have 3 males in a team if one of them is either a master or teen.

Movement Standards

Movement standards for the event. this is a CrossFit styled event, with movement standards, derived from such. these will be explained leading up to the event and on the weekend of the event.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the event. The event will be run by both Crossfit Kyma and Full speed Crossfit, who do have the final say on movement standards and any queries that may arise leading up to and on the days of the event. All competitors will need to sign an indemnity prior to the start of the weekend.

More Information

Additional information for the event. if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us, on the email listed.



Guessing Game - Texcolour
Working in pairs at the same time Male/Male Female/Female. 7min of Power Cleans: Each Pairing chooses whatever weight they would like to use. Only 1 bar per pair. Once you have chosen your weight you are not allowed to change this weight for the duration of the 7min. Only one athlete per pair working at a time. 1 min Rest 7min of Wall Balls: Male Pairing – 20lb – 9ft Female Pairing – 15lb – 9ft Only one athlete per pair working at a time

Full Frontal - Koala Park
2 Rep Max Front Squat.

Odd Object - Minra Energy
Work out announced on the day.

ODD Object - Part 2
Worm Farm

Row/Walk/Stepup - Primal Fitness
Male Pairing 1000m Row 15 Walk outs 20 Kettle bell Steps ups @ 16kg onto 24inch Box Female Pairing 750m Row 12 Walk outs 20 Kettle Bell Step Ups @ 16kg onto 20inch Box

Regional Flavour - Warrap
Work out Assault Bike x 15 Cal/12 Cal – Male / Female Burpee Box Jump over x 10 Reps (30” / 24”) Male/Female Hang Power Clean x 6 Reps – 60/40 – Male / Female

Full Speed Revenge - Metalock
Work out Part 1 6 Rounds Station 1 Station 2 6 x Squat Cleans / Athlete @ 70/45 16m Walking lunge / Athlete @ 24 / 16 (Kettle Bell) Total Reps = 12 / Round Total = 32m / Round Part 2 4 Rounds Station 1 Station 2 12 x Toes to Bar / Athlete 12 x Dumbbell Snatch / Athlete @ 30 / 20

End Game - Homestyle Bricks
Work out 100 x Double Unders 9 x Thrusters 60/40 6 x Ring Muscle ups