About RxMe


RxMe Overview

RxMe launched in August 2013 with the first event being the RxMe Summer Series 2013. The leaderboard functionality was developed in such a way that it would cater for hosting online and event competitions. Aside from running the annual RxMe Summer and Winter Series, we also offer competition related services to the box owner, event organizer and competitor.

Online Scoring and Leaderboard Solutions

RxMe has developed a world class online leaderboard facility to assist you, the box owner and event organizer. The leaderboard facility has been rigorously used by a number of events since September 2013.

Historical events

United We Stand Games 2013

Pretoria Throw Down 2014
Western Cape CF Tour 2013
RxMe Summer Series 2013
  • 959 individual entries
  • 4 weeks 4 WODs
  • live leaderboard had 100k+ hits over 30 days
  • competitor submitted scores and validated by box owner
  • live leaderboard

Major Benefits to the Event Organizer

  • Quick - no excel calculations; capturing of scores is quick and user friendly
  • Real-Time Leaderboard - everyone can see the leaderboard and rankings
  • Support - Should you have any questions or need help with setup, RxMe are here to support your event

Key Features

  • Entries (add entries, setup categories, online entries and payment portal, etc)
  • WODs (create WODs and set when WOD info should be published)
  • Heats (create heats and assign teams/individuals)
  • Scoring (time or score with tiebreakers)
  • Live Leaderboard

If you have an upcoming event, contact us at info@rxitme.com to find out more or click here to setup your event.

Box and Event Insurance

RxMe partnered with a leading Financial Services Provider and developed a product specific for Box/Affiliate owners and organizers of events. As a box owner and event organizer, insurance is probably the last on the to-do list but should top your priority list. As a box owner, knowing that your equipment, facility, the correct professional indemnity and public liability cover is in place is of critical importance. As an event organizer, private or public, your liability cover is crucial.

In need of these service or interested in a quote? Contact us at info@rxitme.com.