GorillaStore - Womens Day Skipathon - 01 Aug to 13 Aug

GorillaStore Skipathon for Breast Cancer

To celebrate Women's Day GorillaStore will be hosting what we hope will become an annual Skipathon to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Being an online event, competitors will complete their workouts at their home box or wherever they choose.

Your entry fee includes a FREE pink or raspberry speed skipping rope (Valued at R230) which will be sent to your nearest box (chosen on registration) a week prior to the competition.

The idea is for all competitors to make use of their included ropes to light the sky with pink and show the support of the CrossFit community to fight Breast Cancer.

R100 for each entry will be donated to Pink Drive (http://www.pinkdrive.co.za)


Rx - Max reps Double Unders in 5 minutes
Scaled - Max reps Single skips in 5 minutes

First prize (Lady with most repetitions in the Rx category) - Ladies - R1000
First prize (Gent with most repetitions in the Rx category) - Gents - R1000
First prize - Most spirited box - 10 rolls of Goat Tape to be enjoyed in the box by all members (i.e. The box with a combination of the most competitors and the most pink on the day. This will be judged by likes / favourites on our FaceBook page and/or Twitter so don't forget to submit the pics of your box to http://www.facebook.com/GorillaStoreSA or tweet us @Gorilla_Store)

Scores to be submitted online to update leader board.

Event runs from 00:01am on 1 August 2015 until 23:59 on 9 August 2015 so any scores achieved in August (before event weekend) will be accepted. Ropes will be shipped on 30th and 31st July 2015. Scores may be submitted during August.

Potential prize winners please ensure that you video your Skipathon to assist with judging for prizes. (Videos to be submitted via DropBox to info@gorillastore.co.za)
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Movement Standards

Using your new FREE GorillaStore speed rope the following movement standards apply.

Rx - Double Unders for 5 minutes:

This is a standard double-under. The rope MUST pass twice around the body in a forward motion with one jump. Swinging the rope backward is not permitted.

For the rep to count, the rope must clear twice. Attempts where the rope catches before clearing twice DO NOT count.

Scaled - Single Skips for 5 minutes:

Same as above, except that the rope is only required to pass under the competitor's feet once.
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Terms and Conditions

Skipping ropes only available in South Africa - While GorillaStore has opened this event up to the international community, we are unable to distribute our skipping ropes internationally due to cost constraints and the unfailing ability of our local currency to disappoint with its impotence.

Winners will be required to submit video evidence of their achievements in order for judges to verify their claims.

Only one female winner and one male winner will be awarded in the Rx category.

Prizes are subject to a minimum participation of 50 competitors
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More Information

We are hoping to rope in some corporate sponsorships per skip so any willing corporates are welcome to get in touch (info@gorillastore.co.za).

Use Team name to let us know which colour rope you would prefer


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Rx Ladies

5 Min AMRAP Double Unders
5 Min AMRAP Double Unders

Rx Men

5 Min AMRAP Double Unders
5 Min AMRAP Double Unders

Scaled Ladies

5 Min AMRAP Single Unders
5 Min AMRAP Single Unders

Scaled Men

5 Min AMRAP Single Unders
5 Min AMRAP Single Unders